1-d-i-s-l-i-f-e asked: i love your blog soo much :)

aw thank you :)

Anonymous asked: You have got some damn funny pick up lines oh my goodness!!!

thank you!:’)

by anon ((:
by anon (:
:D hope you like it and post it ^_^

thegirlsof1d asked: Hi there, I am a new One Direction Blog on here. I was wandering if you could help me out? I just started this blog, and it's more about the fans than anything. What it does is, it help the 1D fans get to know other 1D fans better. It explains it all on the page. But I was wandering if you could like ask people to check it out, if your interested that is. Thanks for reading this.

Hi :) Guys, check it outt :)!