Haha, I just made this, I love it :) 
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harrystylesisdtf said: your blog is absolutely hilarious omg x

why thank you :) x

keydrianna said: This is like the best pick up line blog ever! :D

thank you! :)

l-ionman-deactivated20130524 said: your blog is so funny and i love scrolling through it and reading all the posts (:

why thank you :))

ezlo-auditore-deactivated201210 said: This blog is the best thing ever. I love you<3

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oh-mynargles said: your blog is currently getting 39% of my love

wow really? :’)

up-all-night-for-1d said: omigosh i love these pick up lines they are greattt :) xx

thank you!xx

stuck-inherdaydream said: this is literally the best blog ever created. i've been laughing nonstop reading all these. haha.

haha thank you :)